English manual for OwlBite™ UV Flashlight.



① Unscrew the bottom counterclockwise.

② Insert 3 AA batteries following the polarity marks (+) and (-) on the battery housing. If inserted incorrectly battery damage can occur and cause heat or explosion.

③ Screw the bottom back on clockwise.


If you do not intend to use the flashlight for a long time, take out the battiers to prevent leakage that can damage the flashlight.


Turn the flashlight on and off by pushing the button at the side.


Made for

Treasure hunting amber or gemstones.

Verifying authenticity of money bills or anti theft liquids.

Sweeping areas for blood or urine residues, including pet stains.

Identifying bioluminescent bacteria or fungus.

Sweeping skin, cloothing or surfaces for cocaine residues.

Hunting bioluminescent fish or scorpions.



Do not point the light directly into someone’s eyes. Do not use magnifying instruments that could concentrate the light beam of the flashlight.


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