English manual for OwlBite™ The Original powerful flashlight.



Unscrew the bottom counterclockwise.

Insert 3 AAA batteries following the polarity marks (+) and (-) on the battery housing. If inserted incorrectly battery damage can occur and cause heat or explosion.

Screw the bottom back on clockwise.


If you do not intend to use the flashlight for a long time, take out the batteries to prevent leakage that can damage the flashlight.


Turn the flashlight on and off by pushing the button at the end.



Maximum power – 1000 lumen  Click the button first time

Medium power – 500 lumen Tap the button first time

Minimum power – 200 lumen Tap the button second time

Strobe protection – 1000 lumen Tap the button third time

SOS emergency – 1000 lumen Tap the button fourth time

Power off Click the button second time



One-hand near focus Slide the head to the back

One-hand far focus Slide the head to the front



Do not point the light directly into someone’s eyes. Do not use magnifying instruments that could concentrate the light beam of the flashlight.