The original OwlBite™

The OwlBite flashlight offers you everything you need - and a bit more. With the power of 1.000 lumens it lights up even the darkest corner, and the strobe function is perfect for scaring off wild animals or attackers.

OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight
1.000 lumens
Five modes
Aircraft aluminium
Operated with one hand


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OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight


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OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight


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OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight


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The original OwlBite™. The world's most powerful survival flashlight.

Danish Design

Designed and quality tested in the wild and relentless surroundings of the Danish West Coast. Use it for work, outdoor adventures, and extreme situations.

Safe Protection

The OwlBite offers you not only light but also an effective protection - you can blind, scare and disorientate any animal or human attacking you.

Always prepared

An important feature for emergency situations is the SOS blinking feature that automatically flashes the International Morse code distress signal.

LED power

OwlBite lights up your way with an incredible 1.000 lumens that can be seen 10 Kilometers away. You can easily adjust the powerful light beam.

High quality, low cost

We provide you with the original OwlBite directly from the factory and spare you for costly intermediaries. You cash the profit!

Proven technology

The flashlight is made of flight aluminum and is designed to resist the roughest treatment and even fire and water. Your OwlBite will never fail you!


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This is the most fierce flashlight that I have ever tried - and then at this price! I tried the strobe function but had to turn it off after a few seconds cus I got so confused! I get why so many people recommend this flashlight cus its definitely a torch you should bring anywhere. I know I dont want that strobe light in my eyes LOL!

OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight

Quick delivery, super powerful and sturdy lightweight torch. It really is a find at that price. The strobe function is pure selfdefence! Really cool that you can adjust the light. Might be perfect for walking the dog if you live in the country without street lights?

OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight

The best torch that I've tried and really cheap too it takes a hard beating + REALLY BRIGHT light!!! 🙂 ive dropped it sevral times and it still works .

OwlBite™ Powerful Flashlight


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Is the flashlight durable?

The flashlight is made of high-quality materials and has an incomparable durability. The quality of the LED-light bulb provides you with an incredibly powerful flashlight and the product life time is 100.000 hours which is guaranteed life time.

Is it easy to use?

The OwlBite has an intuitive design that makes it easy to operate. Just by tapping the on/off button you choose light mode and by sliding the head of the torch back and forth you adjust the near- and far focus by using just one hand.

What are the dimensions of this torch?

The flashlight is compact and easy to bring with you anywhere. When the near focus is on the torch measures only 13 centimeters, and when the far focus is on it measures 15 centimeters. In the back end the torch is 2,8 centimeters wide and the front end is 3,5 centimeters wide. Fit it in your pocket, the car and anywhere you need it.

Is it water proof?

The flashlight is made of one of the world's strongest and most durable materials: flight aluminum. It has been tested by military specialists and outdoor enthusiasts under extreme conditions as water, fire, frost, and impactions. The flashlight survives it all and is very well fitted for military use.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the flashlight. We use the latest technology and quality materials.

Life time

Strobe function


Blow wreath


Battery power


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