The original OwlBite™

The OwlBite UV flashlight offers you everything you need - and a bit more. With the power of 395nm bright UV light with 51 LEDs it lights up every fluorescent material. No matter if it is amber, blood, urine, cocaine or money safety strips.

UV Flashlight
51 powerful LEDs
3 AA batteries
Aircraft aluminium
395nm bright UV light


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UV Flashlight


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UV Flashlight


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UV Flashlight


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The original OwlBite™. The world's most powerful UV flashlight.

Danish Design

Designed and quality tested in the wild and relentless surroundings of the Danish North Sea Coast. Use it for amber hunting, pet stain searching, and forensic science.

Made with love

The OwlBite UV Flashlight is made with love for high quality standards, so it offers us, our family and our friends the most effective UV-light and durable materials.

Proven technology

The OwlBite UV Flashlight is made of flight aluminum and is designed to resist the roughest treatment. Your OwlBite will never fail you!

LED power

OwlBite lights up your way with an incredible 395 nm in 51 LEDs that can light up a lot of beach at once.

High quality, low cost

We provide you with the original OwlBite directly from the factory and spare you for costly intermediaries. You cash the profit!

Powerful UV-light

The 51 LEDs of the OwlBite UV Flashlight is made of high quality and is powered by 3 AA-batteries to give you maximum ultraviolet light.


Don’t take our word. See what our customers say about the UV Flashlight.


Okay, I had no idea these worked so well! I put batteries in the UV Flashlight and light up the carpet searching for clues. What was invisible before was now completely lit. A big white stain reflected back at me in the blue/violet light. The stain was not only on the carpet - it was also up the wall!!! Finally, I could clean our house thoroughly and remove that mysterious smell that sometimes caught my nostrils, which I did not know where came from.

UV Flashlight

Can only be recommended. Keeps what it promises. A really good quality UV flashlight that anyone can afford.

UV Flashlight

I bought this one to look for amber in the morning and evening at the beach near our cottage between Blaavand and Vejers at the Danish Westcoast. It's really sharp and it even exceeds my expectations. I am surprised that the UV light enlighten the amber so extreme. It's almost cheating to use this lamp. It is also very durable, because I've lost it several times - also at the shoreline.

UV Flashlight


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Does it show pet urine in carpets?

Yes, you can see pet stains very easily with the UV Flashlight. The spread of powerful UV-light really makes pet stains stand out.

Is the UV-light dangerous?

The OwlBite UV Flashlight have a very powerful UV-light, so never light directly in the eyes of yourself or anyone else. You don't need to worry abut getting the reflection of the UV-light in your eyes. It is nearly the same as you found in discotheques in the 90s.

Is it rechargeable?

At OwlBite we have chosen to develop all our flashlights for use with normal AA or AAA batteries (the UV Flashlight uses 3 AA batteries), so everyone can choose themself if they want to use batteries that are rechargeable or not.

How good is it for amber hunting?

The OwlBite UV Flashlight was developed for amber hunting in the harsh outdoors of the Danish North Sea Coast. Check our video to see how effective it actually is for finding amber.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the UV Flashlight. We use the latest technology and quality materials.

Life time

Powerful UV-light

Multiple uses

Blow wreath


Battery power


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